Facilities for Healthcare Activites


Create a healthcare hub

Healthcare companies
Service providers (QC, QA)
In the walloon region

Grant improved capabilities

Perform production according to GMP
Small batch production
Affordable cost

Accessia is a brand new business model in our Walloon ecosystem that generated new benefits for the users of the site :



Your product

At Accessia you have full control on your product. We strive for you to focus as much as possible on your science and your IP and we focus on the infrastructure

Your resources

You build your team according to your own decision and needs. You have the opportunity to leverage collaborations with service providers located within the hub

Your time

 When it comes to GMP manufacturing of clinical batches, it’s always a big rush to release the product as soon as possible, Accessia allows you to benefit from prevalidated cleanrooms to gain time and focus directly on your specific procedures. We work hand in hand to maintain and develop the quality on site.

Master your timelines & production

Work at your pace without constraints of available slots. Keep knowledge of your production within your organisation and bring value to your investors.