Our story

Accessia was born when we realized the existence of a major missing link in  the value chain of the pharmaceutical sector in Wallonia: GMP product development must be outsourced to CMO as no GMP infrastructure is available to welcome early stage pharma and biotech companies


Prior to creation of Accessia, a market study was ordered by the GRE Liège and realized by Cide-Socran to assess the needs of GMP manufacturing capability for the pharma and biotech sector in Wallonia. Conclusion of this study? A large number of companies face difficulties when they have to translate lab discoveries to the pre-clinical and clinical development.  The key issue is to implement the very strict production standards of the pharma industry (Good Manufacturing Practices). In parallel, these companies are really eager to keep control of both know-how and GMP manufacturing processes.


When this conclusion meets the opportunity in 2016, to acquire the former Colgate Palmolive research and development centre, located in the Hauts Sarts industrial zone, things accelerate and the company is created through the shared vision driven by Meusinvest, Integrale Immo Management and Sofipôle (Groupe SRIW). The objective of such structure is to provide an infrastructure of cleanrooms, labs and offices ready to be used by the companies of the biopharmaceutical sector to facilitate the set-up of their GMP manufacturing capabilities.


A few months later, SFPI joins the shareholders and the refurbishing of the building is launched with aim to transform the previous site and to add 7 cleanrooms.


The 26th of February 2018 marks Accessia Pharma's official opening in presence of the Minister Jeholet together with more than 150 elite pharma guests. A success that launches the official exploitation of the site.